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 Pipe Flanges Gaskets

pipe flange gaskets suppliers- Pipe flange gaskets are used for improved joint performance. They are considered much more superior than the conventional ring or full-face gaskets. Although pipe flange gaskets are usually used for all normal water and sewer service, they are especially useful in demanding services like in very large diameter flanged piping. For specially designed long-span installations, involving 2 or 3 or more lengths of pipe or with any underground flanges, flange gaskets are of great help because they could be subjected to undesirable beam loading.
These gaskets are available in numerous standard materials in various thickness and hardness options for various flange sizes. Flange gaskets are also available with adhesive on one or both sides or without adhesive. Most materials are available starting at 1/32” thick and can be supplied up to 1” thick. Some manufacturers supply flange gaskets in wide rolls from which you can cut your flange gaskets to size. Flange gaskets are also available to your exact requirements. Pipe flange gaskets are being very frequently used for flanged joints which are subjected to extreme chemical attacks.

Materials used:
pipe flange gaskets are made of various materials like:
Neoprene, EPDM, Nitrile, EVA, Silicone, Cork and Cork Rubber
Closed Cell Foam: Cross-linked Polyethylene, PVC
Plant Fiber Cellulose FiberMetal: Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Cast iron etc.
Wire Seal Flange Gaskets and Bolt Sets

General: Nonrotatable flanges with clearance bolt holes
Nominal OD sizes: 12 3/8 to 27 1/8 inches
Tube OD sizes: 10 to 24 inches
Flanges: 304 stainless steel (316L available upon request)
Bolts: 18 - 8 stainless steel
Vacuum range:
 >=1 x 10^-13 Torr - UHV
Temperature range: -200°C to 450°C
Applications of Typical Flange Gaskets:
  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Industry: Usually, flange gaskets used in this industry are made of different types of rubber. They are usually supplied with adhesive on one or both sides in various shapes like round (I.D. x O.D.), rectangular and square outside shapes. Flange Gaskets are available for wide flange configurations.
  • Plumbing Industry: Here, the standard ring and full face flange gaskets are available in various styles.
  • Sheet Metal Enclosures: The flange gaskets used here are normally rectangular in shape. They come with adhesive on one side which is used as a gasket to seal out dust, liquids or air.
  • Electronic, food, medical, chemical and packaging industries: we are the Pipe Flange Gaskets suppliers in india, Pipe Flange Gaskets distributors. our Pipe Flange Gaskets used here have a flat surface that is compressed between two flanges.
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