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Rishabh Steel Industries is prominent Stainless Steel Threaded Bull Plug Manufacturers in India. ASME B16.11 Bull Plug has excellent resistance to chloride-ion stress-corrosion cracking, and as well shows appropriate resistance to a number of oxidizing environments. Round Threaded Bull Plug is very much resistant to chemical corrosion and oxidation (corrosion resistant), and has some high stress-rupture effectiveness and low creep rates under high stresses at temperatures after suitable heat treatment. Our ASME B16.11 Bull Plugs are accessible to our valuable customers in different range of diameters (d), wall thicknesses (w) and sizes (nom. Pipe Size) in customized form (as per customer requirment or order) and also at quite affordable rates (Best Price In India). Meanwhile, we offer different types of these fitting such as [We Manufacture And Supply Tee In Other Materials Like :] Stainless Steel Bull Plug, Threaded Pipe Plug, Inconel Threaded Plug, Carbon Steel Threaded Plug, Alloy Steel Threaded Plug, etc.

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