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DIN 2501 Flange

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What is DIN 2501 Flange?
A DIN 2501 is a German standard flange. These carbon steel flanges are produced in different pressure classes and can be manufactured in threaded, plate, screwed, and forged configurations. These flanges are designed in nominal sizes up to 24 NB. They are available in flat, raised, and ring joint faces. The flanges are coated with paint or galvanized, giving them higher corrosion resistance properties. The reliable flanges are available in pressure classes of 150 lbs to 2500 lbs.

DIN 2501 PN10 Plate Flange vs DIN 2501 PN16 slip on flange

  • The DIN 2501 PN10 plate flange is a metallic ring that has machined grooves on its face. A Din 2501 slip on flange is slid on the pipe and welded using one or more fillet welds.
  • A plate flange creates a strong metal-to-metal sealing. A slip of flange is preferred in lower pressure and temperature conditions.

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Difference between DIN 2501 PN25, PN6 and PN40

PN 25, PN 6, and PN 40 of DIN 2501 specify pressure classes of a different material. The PN 25 is rated at approximately 25 bar, while the PN 40 is pressure rated at 40 bar. The PN 6 is rated at 6 bar and is recommended in lower pressure conditions.

What is the difference between DIN and BS standards?

  • The DIN standard is part of the German Deutsches Institut fur Normung for standardization. It is part of the ISO member German body.
  • A BS standard is part of the British standard that is produced by the BSI group that is incorporated under the Royal charter.
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