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What is Stainless Steel Blind Flange?
A stainless steel blind flange is a solid piece of steel that is designed without any bore at the center. These flanges act as blanks to cap off the line in a hydraulic system. The termination of the flow helps in rerouting, terminating, and performing any maintenance in the pipeline. The flanges have basic construction requiring minimal machining. A blind flange helps cap high-pressure fluids and gases in different industries. These flanges are usually bolted in place, enabling them to be very durable for long periods.

Threaded Blind Flange Vs Tapped Blind Flange

  • A threaded blind flange has threads on the outside of the grade that allows it to thread with interior threads in the pipeline. 
  • A tapped bling flange has threads on the inside of the flange allowing it to tap with threads on the exterior of the line.

What is the function of a blank flange?
A blank flange is used to block the section of a pipe or nozzle that is not used. These flanges help in terminating the movement of flow in the system. This allows certain sections to be repaired or modified to enhance the performance of the pipeline.

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Ductile iron blind flange vs Carbon Steel Blind Flange

  • The Ductile iron blind flange is designed with a carbon content upwards of 2%. Carbon steel blind flange is designed with carbon content lower than 2% but is alloyed with other alloys.
  • Carbon steel blind flanges have higher ductility and strength compared to ductile iron blind flanges.
  • Ductile iron blind flanges have a lower cost compared to carbon grade blind flanges.

Raised Face Blind Flange vs High Hub Blind Flange

  • A raised face blind flange has a raised face that is above their bolting circle, wherein the gasket is placed to securely seal the grade.
  • A high hub blind flange has no center hold and is aligned with proper bolt holes.
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