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Fittings are utilized in connecting piping grades allowing them to influence the characteristics of the flow of media. The Aluminium Bronze Fittings is a copper alloy grade where bronze, tin, and zinc are the primary alloying elements. The robust C954 Aluminum Bronze Fittings have higher oxidation resistance and can work well in reducing corrosive environments. These fittings possess good ductility and strength. C955 Aluminum Bronze Fittings showcase excellent hardness and have enhanced fatigue and wear resistance. These fittings have good weldability and don’t deform under any pressure. Aluminium Bronze Threaded Fittings possess threads that allow them to join to subsequent piping grades. These fittings are seen in applications where stress on the system is low. The ASTM B14 Elbow is installed using two lengths of a pipe, allowing it to change the direction of the flow of media. These elbows are available in long or short radius specifications. We are the Aluminium Bronze Fittings manufacturers in India who follow all standards to produce the best fittings in the industry.

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The Aluminium Bronze Coupling is a fitting that is utilized to connect two piping components. These couplings are very rigid and flexible depending on whether it is permanent or removable. C63000 Aluminum Bronze Coupling is a most popular grade of coupling that is characterized by excellent resistance to wear and shock in abrasive conditions. The Cda 954 Aluminum Bronze Full Coupling is used to connect pipes of small bore sizes. These couplings are utilized in connecting a pipe to a nipple or a swage. They may be either threaded or have socket ends. A C95500 Aluminum Bronze Half Coupling is seen in small bore branching from a standard vessel to a large bore pipe.

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It possess the same ends as a full coupling. A Ca104 Aluminium Bronze Union connects piping grade similar to couplings, allowing for future disconnection of the grade, ensuring repair and maintenance of the component. The versatile ASTM B148 C95800 Union can be readily connected and disconnected multiple times if needed. A union is designed with three parts like a nut, a female, and a male end. The C62300 Aluminum Bronze Hex Nipple is a short length of a pipe that has moderate strength, allowing it to be utilized to connect different applications. The nipple usually possesses a male thread that connects other fittings. Aluminum Bronze Bushing is threaded on the interior and exterior. They are employed in connecting piping grades of different diameters and sizes. The C95800 Aluminum Bronze Bushing provides a wide bearing surface allowing it to be used in mechanical and plumbing applications in oil and gas systems. BS1400 Ab2 Bushing can be used as a spacer or isolator to reduce the friction between the connected parts.

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